End of the World and Self-centered World

Tokyo / 2022 / Installation

The planning and design of the exhibition space at GYRE Omotesando.
The exhibition questioned our perception of alternative worlds through the works of old and new artists, using Jacob von Uexküll’s “Umwelt” as guidance.
Anish Kapoor’s work is placed in the center, enclosed by Yayoi Kusama’s work on oneside of the wall and Shusaku Arakawa’s on the opposite wall. Two of the Takeshi Kamo’s two-dimensional works were also placed opposing each other in the space with Kapoor’s work in the middle. The layout attempted to juxtapose and emphasize the artists’ different perceptions by intersecting different viewpoints and sense of boundary.
At the entrance of the gallery, a space displaying 50 books that hinted at the exhibition theme was created using mono-tubes made from construction scaffolding.
The single tubes are arranged in the shape of an amoeba, which is made up of four different arcs, and are connected by MDF shelves to secure the reading space and at the same time, stabilize the structure.
The heavy material of the mono-tubes, arranged in an unusual, rhythmic, and organic way, created a unique atmosphere, neither dirty realism nor futurism, and served as a device to draw visitors into the gallery and connect them to the artworks in the rooms beyond.

photos ©2022 Mori Koda