Toyoko Inn Rebranding Design (Haneda Airport 2)

Tokyo / 2023 / Hotel renovation

Toyoko Inn, which had set the standard for business hotels in the past, took COVID-19 as an opportunity to rebrand itself for the first time since its establishment. The concept of a “base hotel for a nationwide network” was set out, utilizing the 300-plus outlets nationwide. ALA INC. was in charge of designing a space to embody this concept, with the Haneda Airport branch renewal as the first step in the process. The “base” refers to a safe and exciting place, like a secret base where we used to play as children, and we aimed to create such a place as a hotel for people heading for various purposes, such as work and recreation. In the lobby and breakfast area on the ground floor, multifunctional island furniture is placed as the focal point of the space so that guests can choose their own “base” depending on the time of their stay, whether it be working on a PC or discussing their itinerary over a cup of coffee. The gallery function, which makes use of the Toyoko Inn’s art grant, has been mixed in with this to add a relaxed time axis to the space. The various “bases” are generously wrapped by a ceiling that opens outwards, which we call the “sending-off ceiling”. The “sending-off ceiling” changes its color to a warm color at check-in time to express a homely environment, and in the morning it changes to a fresh white to comfortably send you off energized. The rooms are designed as more personal “bases”, with furniture, lighting and fittings that used to occupy the space, rethought to allow guests to use the room as they please. We designed this room together with Toyoko Inn, believing that if these spaces (platforms and waiting rooms at airports and large railway stations) that create an exciting atmosphere can be translated to a hotel, traveling and business hotels would become even more enjoyable.



Photograph ©2023 Masao Nishikawa